Business Meeting

Advisory, Planning & Consulting Services

Whether in need of a technology strategy to match your business plan, or advice on today’s dynamic portal technology, Vitalisbox with our ICT partners, have years of hands-on experience helping successful organizations design and implement business systems that are streamlined and innovative, as well as flexible and cost effective. We assist with designing and implementing ICT solutions that add value to management strategies and organizational infrastructure.

Project Design and Implementation Service

Every project is different. Some are small and straight forward. Others are large and complex. Most are somewhere in the middle. Even though every project is unique, at Vitalisbox we believe they all have certain attributes in common. Every project has a similar life cycle, starting with an idea, progressing through development, and culminating in the delivery of a finished product or service.

At Vitalisbox, we aim to make every project journey seamless through open communication and consultation. 

Giving a Presentation
Computer Tutorials

Project Management & Maintenance Services

  • O365 Business Premium  

  • Microsoft Teams Training & Management

  • Box (Document Management System)

  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (Power BI)

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud Solution Hosting & Management

  • Database Management

  • Fixed Assets Management

  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

  • Dynamics 365 Guides

  • Managed Field Services

  • Managed Technical Services

  • Software Full stack web app development


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