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We can help put your projects ahead of the curve through our ICT Consulting and Maintenance Services.

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ICT, Digital & Cyber Security Services

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As part of our long-standing commitment in technology, we also support project management operations delivering; Digital Transformation, Cyber Security Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), E-Commerce and Cyber Security solutions.

Video Editing

Professional Services

Exceptional Achievement

Attracting the right talent is fundamental to the success of any business or project. Our team of highly experienced workforce can be scaled up or down to meet your work demands. Through our strategic, innovative and agile approach, we’ll work with your team to develop a bespoke solution hence revolutionise productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes or digital workforce.
Our team has extensive experience across range of industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality and Professional Services. Contact Us today for more information.
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Project Management Services

A Real Success

Every project is different. Some are small and straight forward. Others are large and complex. Most are somewhere in the middle. Even though every project is unique, at Vitalisbox we believe they all have certain attributes in common. Every project has a similar life cycle, starting with an idea, progressing through development, and culminating in the delivery of a finished product or service.

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Access your Workspaces & Applications
from Anywhere on Any Device

Cloud-Based Application Delivery & Management

Software-As-A-Service Custom Solutions

Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint & MS Teams

Wiise Business Central (CRM & ERP)

Web Development and Maintenance

Microsoft Teams Training & Management

Document Management System (Box)

Microsoft Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality Solutions

Business Intelligence (Power BI)




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